Patient Testimonials

If you are having serious hearing problems as I did you will find Dr. Bartlett and Virginia Hearing to be a wonderful practice to be with. I have used hearing aids for over 30 years and was afraid that the severity of my hearing problems were more than new technology could help me with. Dr. Bartlett found a solution for me with state of the art technology. I appreciate her effort and understanding of my needs as well she did. She is comfortable to work with and I enjoy working with her because she is very interested in the newest technologies and how to incorporate them into helping me.
Robert B.

In this day and age, as we grow in maturity, some of us find ourselves with a hearing loss. Once that happens, you should find an Audiologist who will take the time to find out to what extent your loss is, and determine the type of hearing aid device that will work best for you. Dr. Theresa H. Bartlett of Virginia Hearing Consultants is, in my opinion the most caring and dedicated in helping her clients. She takes the time to listen to your concerns. You will not feel pressured, but will find her working with you, so you can make an informed decision. Hearing loss cannot be restored, but you can have vastly improved hearing with the correct hearing aid. In addition, with Bluetooth technology there are devices to assist you in talking on the telephone and watching you favorite TV programs. You owe it to yourself and loved ones, and you may even hear birds sing again.
Jerry W., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Before I begin my humble attempt of proclaiming excellent, professional, courteous, and sincere concern for my hearing health regarding the service at VHC; I just wanted to make a few comments. Well more like disagreements to Dr. Bartlett’s somewhat selfish statement, “If I have to hear it so should you.” Okay maybe not exactly those words but close enough. First and foremost let me say that my lovely bride of some 40 plus years is in total agreement with Dr. Bartlett. So if in fact this were an argument I have already lost. So I am not arguing but just stating an opinion that may in fact not be consistent with my wife’s or the doctors. My wife asked, “What’s new?”? I do appreciate the fact that my neighbors no longer ask me to turn the TV down – that’s cool. I’m not sure about the very loud and annoying click, click, click, click when I use the turn signals in my car. Now I understand why so many people change lanes without signaling. The audible warning that I have not yet hooked my seatbelt, wasted engineering; the flashing light was annoying enough. Oh yea, and the battery life. I hadn’t even had the first set of batteries in for three days when the “warning sound” went off. So I changed batteries. I was able to retrieve them later when I was informed that was the “refrigerator door open alarm” I was hearing. Somewhat confused, I had never heard it but I always knew the door was open, heck the light was on. Oh for future reference, if you have a patient that plays the drums. WARNING: Remove hearing aids prior to playing or practice. And what is this with this constant clicking of the keys on my keyboard, totally unnecessary. Have you heard this, well you may have, wind chill; you know that thing that makes it colder than what it actually is when the wind blows cold air. I’ve felt it before, but the other day on the golf course I got to hear it, not necessary. Speaking of golf, there is a sound when my Putter makes contact with the little white dimpled thing. How unique. I knew there was when I hit with the Driver but I thought the “P” was silent. That’s a (fe-ne-tik) reference. Another thing, why is it necessary for paper to crinkle so loudly? Apparently I am supposed to hear water boil. I thought that is what the steam was for. And whose idea was it to put squeakers in my dogs toys, and why?? Two other things, I don’t need to hear the home phone; that is what voicemail is for; and the doorbell. I don’t share in their religious beliefs and I don’t want to buy what they are selling. I had no idea we got that many visitors and phone calls during the day. In my little “Man Cave” over the garage that was two things I had never heard. The doorbell scared the heck out of me. Thought someone was breaking in. I could go on; the list at this point is pretty extensive and growing daily. So let me just say at VHC you are going to get excellent, professional, courteous, service and a staff that has a sincere concern for your hearing health. Oh yea, this opinion won’t change even after I get the bill.
Something I’m sure if sound was applied to it would be as loud as the crashing waters of Niagrara Falls. The sound that is replicated when a toilet flushes, also unnecessary.
P.S. Just for the record, I don’t know what you did for my wife but she has finally stopped mumbling.

It is my experience with Ms. Bartlett which I would like to write on. I have had two hearing aids in the past which left me with a dislike of even the idea of hearing aids. Both were fitted to me by the audiologist at Nova Hospital, Portsmouth VA.?First I had an analog set which only magnified everything and were unset. Secondly, I had a digital set which was better but still iffy when these broke, I couldn’t get them worked on at the Nova, so I came to VA Hearing and Ms. Bartlett. I am now wearing her product and am very pleased. I would recommend her and her cohorts to anyone who will listen.

I received Virginia Hearing Consultants add in the mail. I knew I had some hearing lost from taking hearing test at work. I came in for a test here, I waited a while and talked it over with my wife. I had talked with a lot of people that complained about the hearing aids that they had got and didn’t wear them due to a lot of different reasons.?The ones I got from Virginia Hearing are doing just fine. What I liked the most was being able to wear them for a while to be sure they would work for me before they required payment. Thank you so very much.
T. Jennings

I’m very pleased with the people, products and services from Virginia Hearing. They really care about my hearing needs.
N. Berman

Theresa is wonderful! We have been with her for almost 9 years with my daughter. She started in 1st grade and now is in 10th. She has been so helpful making my daughter feel comfortable with her hearing aids. She have always been current with anything that comes out that can benefit my daughter. As a parent, it was so great to find someone that puts in 110% to make sure my child has the best hearing system that works for her. She has helped me understand and have made it easier for me to know what she is going thru and to easier to help her. She is more than audiologists to me. She is like family because she cares so much!
Laura M.

Thanks to this lady for her patience and love to an old woman. I have been well, satisfied for her service and can’t thank her enough. May God bless her for all days of her life.
Elizabeth C.

Thank you for the patience in taking good care of her.
Christina C.

I never would have known how much I was missing if it hadn’t been for Dr. Bartlett. I’m 54 years old and at first I didn’t like the idea of wearing hearing aids. As I told Dr. Bartlett hearing aids are for old people. My life is now over. I now am stigmatized. Well stigmatize me all you want because now I can hear my loved ones. I can hear at restaurants. I can hear the TV without turning it till the walls vibrate. I can hear birds chirping. I can hear like I did 30 years ago. Hearing aids, hearing devices whatever you want to call them are the best invention since sliced bread. In addition Dr. Bartlett provides me is the finest professionalism and compassion.
I highly recommend Dr. Bartlett and hearing devices for hearing problems.

I wanted to thank you for all the attention and kindness you and the others have shown me. You have taken the time to make the readjustments needed to my hearing aids, and now it’s like my own hearing. I don’t think about them in my ears at all. I really love them. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I also enjoy not having to ask everyone to repeat everything over and over. Thank you so much.
Ruth R.

The most professional and courteous people I have ever dealt with in any business. I highly recommend them.
Posted by Rudy R. on Insider pages with a rating of 5 out of 5 for Virginia Hearing Consultants