Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

A comprehensive hearing evaluation will help us answer several questions:

  • Is hearing loss present?
  • How severe is the hearing loss?
  • What is the type of hearing loss?
  • Is the hearing loss medically treatable?
  • Are hearing aids necessary?

A comprehensive hearing evaluation may include the following:

  • Pure-tone air conduction testing
  • Pure-tone bone conduction testing
  • Speech testing to include word recognition
  • Tympanometry and/or acoustic reflex testing
  • Speech in Noise testing


A comprehensive hearing evaluation is an important tool in the identification of hearing loss and for determining the best course of action for your specific treatment. Some hearing loss may be treated medically and requires an evaluation by your physician or an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist prior to receiving your hearing aids. If it is determined that hearing aids are the best solution, the comprehensive hearing evaluation in conjunction with a thorough case history helps to determine the best treatment options for your particular hearing needs.


You should have received a packet of paperwork from our office to be completed in the convenience of your home. Please complete this paperwork and bring it with you along with your insurance cards and a picture id. A list of your current medications and supplements should also be brought to your appointment. Please make sure to include dosage amounts when possible. If you are a Medical patient, Medicare requires that you obtain an order from your physician’s office in order to have the comprehensive hearing evaluation covered by your Medicare insurance. Please be sure to ask if you or your physician have any questions about this. Finally, if all possible, it is recommended that you bring a family member or friend along with you to the appointment. Often times hearing loss affects those closest to us as well, and having them present for the appointment allows them the opportunity to also understand the test results and recommendations.