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Hearing loss doesn’t just mean sound is diminished or dampened. The ability to hear sounds in the high frequency range is lost and many words will often sound the same.

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We have a diverse selection of the most technologically advanced digital hearing aids available on the market today. Come in and get fitted for your new pair.

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Virginia hearing consultants

Virginia Hearing Consultants was established to serve members of our community looking to find top notch service for hearing loss. At Virginia Hearing Consultants, we work hard to make hearing easy.

Through 20 plus years experience, we have truly embraced the art of listening to our patients and their unique hearing needs. Relationship building is so important in the treatment of hearing loss and by doing so we ensure our patients will enjoy a lifetime of healthy hearing.If you think you or someone you know may be experiencing hearing difficulties, contact us right away for an appointment. Having a hearing evaluation may be slightly intimidating, but we will make every effort to put you at ease and make the experience a pleasant one.

Our commitment to serve and individually-fit hearing aids not only provides our patients with a high level of satisfaction, but it also makes Virginia Hearing Consultants a leader in patient care.

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Constant ringing in your ears? There’s help for your condition

Don’t suffer from the depression and isolation caused by tinnitus any longer. Ask us how we can help you or your family member.

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Our audiologist, Dr.Theresa Bartlett, provides a level of service that sets us apart from our competitors. Our Patient-Centered Approach, allows Dr. Bartlett the opportunity to take your unique concerns into account. She then combines the information you provide through your hearing health interview with the audiological data obtained during your office visit to provide customized hearing solutions that work. Finally, she stays with you through ongoing support which includes clean and check clinics, batteries and a 3 year warranty on all hearing aids.

Dr. Bartlett

Our patients share their experiences

We pride ourselves on providing the very best hearing care available for our patients. Here are just a few testimonials provided by our happy hearing patients.

Thanks to this lady for her patience and love to an old woman. I have been well-satisfied for her service and can’t thank her enough. May God bless her for all days of her life... read more
E. Cartwright

You have taken the time to make the readjustments needed to my hearing aids, and now it’s like my own hearing. I don’t think about them in my ears at all. I really love them... read more
R. Ross

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We are so glad you stopped by our website today. Perhaps you have started your journey to improve your hearing or you are looking to offer support for a friend or family member. Either way, we welcome you to take a look around. It is so important to educate yourself on your hearing as well as opportunities that are available to you. We hope you will find the information easy to read and understand and we look forward to meeting you and taking care of your hearing healthcare needs.

Virginia Hearing Consultants

4540 Princess Anne Road, Suite 123
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