Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids have small working parts, and at some point will likely need repair. Wax and moisture are two of the most common problems that cause a hearing aid to stop working. Even with good care and regular maintenance, a hearing aid can still require a repair. The audiologist will assess your hearing aid and determine if a repair can occur in the office, or if it needs to be sent in to the manufacturer.

We are able to clean, check and repair most hearing aids. Even if the hearing aid was not purchased in our office, in most cases, we will find a repair solution that suits your needs. We have a walk in clinic most weeks, Monday through Friday from 11:00am until 11:45am. This is the best time to bring your broken hearing aid in for one of our staff to take a look and determine what type of repair is necessary. Contact our office at 757-461-4327 for more information.